WITH GUEST:   Kortney Olson, CEO GRRRL ClothingWHAT'S THE WHAT:  On this episode, I sit down to talk to Kortney Olson of GRRRL Clothing about everything else except smashing watermelons between her thighs. What begins, in medias res, with the question "how do you turn t-shirts into social activism?" becomes a long chat about how social media has completely changed the landscape of entrepreneurial business models. Everything is rapidly changing, from the platforms to the people, and it takes all you've got to hold on and change with it. Of course, we also talk about the power of prayer, conspiracy theories, plant moms, Artificial Intelligence and the future of GRRRL, Inc. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Kortney Olson InstagramGRRL Clothinghttps://www.grrrl.com/sendamessage________________________________________________________SUPPORT THE SHOW!**Starting your own podcast? Use my link to sign up for a paid plan from BuzzSprout and get a $20 Amazon Gift card! https://www.buzzsprout.com/?referrer_id=754291This is an archived episode of DAM WELL BETTER. Monetization, Patreon and other advertisements no longer apply. Any link not correlated with the guest does not work. New website: https://ironbeaverfitness.wordpress.com/

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