WITH GUESTS:  Four personal trainers (and myself) answer the same questions about that PT life. What are your personal trainer pet peeves? What do you love about your job? What do you wish your clients knew before they pick a trainer? How can we bridge the expectation gap between trainer and client? WHAT'S THE WHAT: 1. "Invested" : Katie Harrington, boxing coach and certified personal trainer at  Elite Training and Wellness.2. "Challenge Yourself" : Matt Steadman, BJJ brown belt and personal trainer at The Sect. 3. "A Playground" : Wendy Kinal, self defense instructor and movement-based online coach.4. "Smell the Roses" : Ross Renberg, BJJ purple belt and Assistant Director of Personal Training at Salt Lake Tennis and Health Club.5. "A Little Research" : Ya girl with some final thoughts. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Elite Training and WellnessElite Training and Wellness on IGKatie Harrington on IGMatt Steadman on IGThe SectWendy Kinal on IGRoss Renberg on IGSalt Lake Tennis and Health Club________________________________________________________SUPPORT THE SHOW!**Join my Patreon! Be a member of the Iron Beaver Rebel Club and get all kinds of sweet perks like Discord server access, bonus podcast content, sticker packs and more! https://www.patreon.com/ironbeaver** Head over to my merch store! Apparel and accessories are stocked!https://www.ironbeaverfitness.com/merch ** Check out my Guides to Health and Fitness! Know the fundamentals so you don't get caught in the details. https://www.amazon.com/Liz-Beaver/e/B005M66TWK**Looking for a great grocery delivery service?  Use my link to get $10 off your first order with InstaCart! https://instacart.oloiyb.net/c/2938036/1107857/7412**Starting your own podcast? Use my link to sign up for a paid plan from BuzzSprout and get a $20 Amazon Gift card! https://www.buzzsprout.com/?referrer_id=754291This is an archived episode of DAM WELL BETTER. Monetization, Patreon and other advertisements no longer apply. Any link not correlated with the guest does not work. New website: https://ironbeaverfitness.wordpress.com/

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THE PODCAST WHERE WE CUT THROUGH THE HYPE AND TALK ABOUT THE REAL ISSUES AFFECTING YOUR HEALTH AND WELLNESS, hosted by Liz Beaver of Iron Beaver Fitness. Topics vary from health, fitness, and wellness to mental health, medicine, sexuality, sports, diet, and the politics that affect our well-being. Interview guests cover a broad range of expertise within the industry as well as the activists trying to change it. If you are sick to death of fitness culture and you like salty babes serving straight-up facts, with a side of sass - you're in the right place.