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WITH GUEST:  Sean Crotty, MPH, PsyD CANDWHAT'S THE WHAT: On this episode, I talk to wellness coach Sean Crotty about the trend towards plant medicine and the use of psychoactives in therapeutic settings. What drives people to these spiritual retreats? Do they help or do they harm? What's the difference between indigenous ceremonies and these pop up Shamanistic retreats we see being hyped on podcasts and wellness media sites? We dive in to the wellness culture at large and get into the weeds about the very human vulnerabilities that compel us to find the answers to our questions and seek the ever elusive peace to cure our pain. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Sean CrottyKuska WellnessMAPSHow to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan

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THE PODCAST WHERE WE CUT THROUGH THE HYPE AND TALK ABOUT THE REAL ISSUES AFFECTING YOUR HEALTH AND WELLNESS, hosted by Liz Beaver of Iron Beaver Fitness. Topics vary from health, fitness, and wellness to mental health, medicine, sexuality, sports, diet, and the politics that affect our well-being. Interview guests cover a broad range of expertise within the industry as well as the activists trying to change it. If you are sick to death of fitness culture and you like salty babes serving straight-up facts, with a side of sass - you're in the right place.