How to Bring Dance to Schools and Change the "Dance Demographic" with Ella Rosewood

Being a dance teacher or studio owner, you want to do everything and be everything for your students. You find yourself taking workshops and courses to learn as much as you can, so you can bring it all to them. But many times it feels like you’re “pretending to teach” instead of actually teaching. Well… I have a solution for you! Ella Rosewood is the creator of Crelata, “fun and sequential on-demand dance classes for kids, designed by dance education experts.” And in episode #220 of the Dance Boss Podcast, we sit down to dissect her business. We talk about her early journey, the steps she took to bring her business to life, and how we can bring dance into the classroom more.   Click here for show notes    Did you see Apolla Performance get a deal on Shark Tank? It was so exciting to see our dance community represented and spotlighted on National TV. Check out their shocks now! IG/FB @Apollaperfomance   Are you a dance professional that currently offers your services 1:1, through workshops or consulting? Do you desire to gain time and freedom, create scalability, and hit 4-figure months? Inside of DancePreneur Academy, I teach you how to do this by turning your 1:1, consulting/workshops into a curriculum-driven group program. Wanna learn more? Schedule a call and let's chat. -

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Welcome to the Dance Boss Podcast! I'm your host, Erin Pompa. This podcast is for my fellow dance entrepreneurs who are on a mission to share their dance expertise in the online space. You want to impact people across the globe, and you want to impact them in a BIG way! Oh and let’s not forget you want your pockets to reflect that too! Can I get a Heck Yes?! You are tired of playing small and are ready to show up, do the work, and share your message. Each week I help you do just that! Sharing perspectives and strategies that will help dance specialists create 5k months with a signature virtual group training program. I will also share interviews with dance entrepreneurs who are crushing it in the online space, with out-of-the-box ways they serve the dance community, giving you the nudge you need to think bigger, do the work, and most importantly KEEP GOING!