Organizing Global Dance Festivals - Fred Maestro

ARTIST: Fred Maestro COUNTRY: France 🇫🇷⁠STYLES: Kizomba & BachataORGANIZER: Paris Kizomba Congress and many more!MUSIC: Dj Fred MaestroThe entrepreneurial organizer who has managed to stay uncover while producing events for more than a decade, meet the one and only FRED MAESTRO. He is not only a dance teacher in Kizomba and Bachata but also a booked DJ for world wide events. Fred is also producing his own music while managing and producing events from China to USA every single year. As the 10th year of the Paris Kizomba Congress is approaching we got an exclusive interview to learn some wisdom from Fred himself!  ⁠BUY ME A COFFEE ☕ Loving real talks with dancers? Click here 🥰🎥 Video interview: ⁠Dance Specific TALKS⏯️ Listen at: Spotify, Apple Podcast & Google Podcast !⁠⁠Host: @tzerfuse⁠⁠Released by: @befitandsensual ⁠Intro & Outro music: @djcombat

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