The FUNK is reborn! - Roché Apinsa from Ghetto Funk Collective

ARTIST: Roché Apinsa⁠COUNTRY: The Netherlands 🇳🇱 / Maroon 🇸🇷⁠CREW: Ghetto Funk Collective ⁠COMPANY: MBS School of ArtThe international renowned Locker Roché from Ghetto Funk Collective (you have to check their Instagram)! Roché Apinsa has been in the Dutch and international dance scene for more than 14 years. Juste Debout, Spin Off, SDK World Finals, and training and coaching many young people and children, he has earned his stripes as a dancer, choreographer, and trainer/coach. For Roche, 'life' is the most important thing there is and the transfer of positive energy and sincerity. He hopes one day to be able to create a place where many art forms are practiced and everyone feels comfortable and at home there. With this, he wants to write history for himself and for others so that everyone, young and old, gets the most out of themselves, becomes aware of giving positive energy and love to others (Info: MBA School of Art). 🎥 Video interview: ⁠Dance Specific TALKS⁠Loving real talks with dancers? Click here 🥰⏯️ Listen at: Spotify, Apple Podcast & Google Podcast !⁠⁠Host: @tzerfuse⁠⁠Released by: @befitandsensual ⁠Intro & Outro music: @djcombat

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