Data Fluency and Education - Episode #53 w/ Kevin Hanegan

We tend to skip past the data literacy and jump right into topics like  machine learning, statistical analysis, artificial intelligence and  more.  Why? Join me as I speak with Kevin Hanegan, Chief Learning  Officer at Qlik and discuss how important it is to go through the  process of understand what data really means for your organization and  every stakeholder involved.

Om Podcasten

This podcast provides knowledge sharing for data-driven listeners interested in understanding how data impacts the world in many ways . There are so many aspects to data (i.e. programming, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data visualizations, and more), but there is also the everyday data side (i.e. social media, money, sex, love, diseases, sports and more). I am touching on each and every one of them in a Dapper kind of way.