Design Psychology & Data Visualization - Episode #56 w/ Thomas Watkins

Today was an amazing podcast as I brought on Thomas Watkins, CEO and  Founder of 3Leaf.  We discussed design technology and data  visualization.  The importance  of the brain and the way people think  contributes a lot to decision making.  The crazy part is, DATA PLAYS A  HUGE PART.  Definitely join into this conversation.

Om Podcasten

This podcast provides knowledge sharing for data-driven listeners interested in understanding how data impacts the world in many ways . There are so many aspects to data (i.e. programming, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data visualizations, and more), but there is also the everyday data side (i.e. social media, money, sex, love, diseases, sports and more). I am touching on each and every one of them in a Dapper kind of way.