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The Value of AI in Education, Religion and STEM - Episode #44 w/ Slater Victoroff (Part II)

Artificial Intelligence is discussed in so many aspects, but not so much  in Education, Religion and STEM.  I brought in an expert to discuss all  three of those topics.  We touch on how AI impacts education and  religion.  We also discuss how to make STEM more inclusive.  Very  exciting discussion.  You do not want to miss. It was so good that we  needed two parts!!!

Om Podcasten

This podcast provides knowledge sharing for data-driven listeners interested in understanding how data impacts the world in many ways . There are so many aspects to data (i.e. programming, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data visualizations, and more), but there is also the everyday data side (i.e. social media, money, sex, love, diseases, sports and more). I am touching on each and every one of them in a Dapper kind of way.