Data Brew Season 2 Episode 7: Interpretable Machine Learning

For our second season of Data Brew, we will be focusing on machine learning, from research to production. We will interview folks in academia and industry to discuss topics such as data ethics, production-grade infrastructure for ML, hyperparameter tuning, AutoML, and many more.What does it mean for a model to be “interpretable”? Ameet Talwalkar shares his thoughts on IML (Interpretable Machine Learning), how it relates to data privacy and fairness, and his research in this field.See more at

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Welcome to Data Brew by Databricks with Denny and Brooke! In this series, we explore various topics in the data and AI community and interview subject matter experts in data engineering/data science. So join us with your morning brew in hand and get ready to dive deep into data + AI! For this first season, we will be focusing on lakehouses – combining the key features of data warehouses, such as ACID transactions, with the scalability of data lakes, directly against low-cost object stores.