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Is Data Science Hard? 4 Untold Truths about Learning Data Science

Did you flirt with the idea of learning data science? You are not alone. This has been a really hot topic in the last few years and it will be one in the upcoming few, for sure. Yet, very few people actually become data scientists. 


 Well, part of the problem is that many aspiring data scientists don’t know what to expect from this field. Or even worse, based on the many misleading (sometimes scammy) “how to become a data scientist” articles, they have false expectations. And when they hit the wall, they get demotivated and quit.

In this podcast episode, I want to show you four untold truths that you should know about learning data science – and I have never seen them written down anywhere else before. 

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You might be an aspiring or junior data professional, a small business owner looking forward to being more data-driven, or someone who's just generally interested in data science… Either way, if you have just started your journey with data science, this is the right podcast for you!