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Every young Muslim in the west has thought at least once: what's so bad about dating? How will I find my boo if I can't get to know him/her for a few years? Where's the harm in that!? Remember that Allah SWT tells us to not even APPROACH or come near zina. Our Creator has told us it is dangerous, and the commonality of it in society is truly leading to corruption. As is the commanility that young people are entertaining non-Muslims. It only lead to your soul's corruption. This episode will aim to explain the Islamic etiquettes of courtship including the wisdom behind why we are commanded to do it in such ways. Dates of deen also aims to clarify to the youth in a way that’s palpable and empathetic to the current standards around us, the protection in this approach rather than the western normalized approach of dating. I know that I was highly confused about it when I was a teenager because no one properly explained it to me and I know a lot of youth are confused by it and wind up going in the western dating direction.  

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Podcast Host, Um Halime, is an educator, wife, mother, poet, prophetic medicine enthusiast, and student of Islamic Sciences as well as Ed Psych. Formerly known as Dates of Deen, The Mama Fitra, takes you through the educational, spiritual, and healing discourse that combines elements of Psychology, Islam, self-care, mental health, womanhood, motherhood, etc. to illustrate the Muslimah’s personal journey and experience back to our original disposition [fitra] in everything we do. New Episodes premier every 1st and 15th of the month.