heart preservation

If only you knew how precioius your heart and the heart of your brothers and sisters are, you would preserve them with more effort than you would preserve diamonds and jewels.  Take care of your heart and take care of the hearts of your brothers and sisters in Islam because their hearts are also yours.  In this episode we dive into the importance of boundaries, and how difficult this concept can be for us diaspora and first-gens but how vital and even, Islamic it is to maintain the dignity of yourself and others.

Om Podcasten

Podcast Host, Um Halime, is an educator, wife, mother, poet, prophetic medicine enthusiast, and student of Islamic Sciences as well as Ed Psych. Formerly known as Dates of Deen, The Mama Fitra, takes you through the educational, spiritual, and healing discourse that combines elements of Psychology, Islam, self-care, mental health, womanhood, motherhood, etc. to illustrate the Muslimah’s personal journey and experience back to our original disposition [fitra] in everything we do. New Episodes premier every 1st and 15th of the month.