Hijab is an obligation in Islam for both men and women. Unfortunately, society tends to only focus on women's obligation. In this episode, dates of deen explains the basics of the meanings of hijab as well as its deeper meaning, clearing up misconceptions, and encouraging brothers and sisters to start practicing hijab with sincerity in intention and love for Allah SWT.

Om Podcasten

Podcast Host, Um Halime, is an educator, wife, mother, poet, prophetic medicine enthusiast, and student of Islamic Sciences as well as Ed Psych. Formerly known as Dates of Deen, The Mama Fitra, takes you through the educational, spiritual, and healing discourse that combines elements of Psychology, Islam, self-care, mental health, womanhood, motherhood, etc. to illustrate the Muslimah’s personal journey and experience back to our original disposition [fitra] in everything we do. New Episodes premier every 1st and 15th of the month.