racism in muslim communities

Islam is firmly against racism, we know that. But obviously so not every Muslim puts this clear cut moralistic standpoint into practice, resulting in racist attitudes and discord in our communities. Racism is inherently a spiritual illness. Only diseased hearts uphold this level of arrogance. We hope and dream that it will end as the older generations begin to pass, but the reality is that this is simply not true. Cultures, biases, these all go unchecked for generations, resulting in new generations not doing any of the work to unlearn and fight against injustice.  Dates of deen hopes to inshaAllah, call this out, and shed light on this pressing issue, and aims to do so by looking at it from a holistic, Islamic, and universal lens. This episode will aim to bring to reality and to light the nationalism, tribalism, racism, discrimination, etc. in our communities and how these things disproportionately affect our Black Muslim brothers and sisters especially. 

Om Podcasten

Podcast Host, Um Halime, is an educator, wife, mother, poet, prophetic medicine enthusiast, and student of Islamic Sciences as well as Ed Psych. Formerly known as Dates of Deen, The Mama Fitra, takes you through the educational, spiritual, and healing discourse that combines elements of Psychology, Islam, self-care, mental health, womanhood, motherhood, etc. to illustrate the Muslimah’s personal journey and experience back to our original disposition [fitra] in everything we do. New Episodes premier every 1st and 15th of the month.