who do we serve?

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, every being worships. Every being serves someone or something.For some, it’s money, fame, career, attractiveness, materialism.For others, it could be their varying definitions of God, a vague higher power, “the universe”, idols, deities, their emotions, their intuitions, pleasure, or joy.And for Muslims it is clear: The One. The Eternal. Allah.In this episode I intend to speak about the growing phenomenon of today’s spirituality (astrology, psychic mediums, tarot cards, crystals, seeking joy, manifestation, etc.) and how most of it, at its crux, is merely hedonism and self-worship being passed off as intentional work in servitude to a Higher Purpose.In contrast to to Islam’s definition of being in submission/service to Allah and what Our Creator tells us our purpose is.

Om Podcasten

Podcast Host, Um Halime, is an educator, wife, mother, poet, prophetic medicine enthusiast, and student of Islamic Sciences as well as Ed Psych. Formerly known as Dates of Deen, The Mama Fitra, takes you through the educational, spiritual, and healing discourse that combines elements of Psychology, Islam, self-care, mental health, womanhood, motherhood, etc. to illustrate the Muslimah’s personal journey and experience back to our original disposition [fitra] in everything we do. New Episodes premier every 1st and 15th of the month.