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Tim Minchin

av Dave Berry's Dadpod | Publicerades 11/25/2019

Tim Minchin, comedian, actor, composer, songwriter, pianist, director, multi-award winning man of many talents and father of 2, joins Dave for this episode of his Dadpod. He’s co-written one of the best-loved musicals in recent years, Matilda, but what do Tim Minchin’s kids really think of the smash-hit phenomenon? Tim also talks about savouring the early moments of being a Dad, why he doesn’t always share his kids’ sense of humour and Dave asks him to convey the stages of fatherhood using a child’s keyboard. Details about Tim’s brand new TV show, Upright: Sky Atlantic, 28th November You can follow Tim at:

Om Podcasten

Dave Berry recently became a father for the first time, which is why he wanted to create a place for all people to come and celebrate the wonderful, exciting, sometimes scary, but absolute joy of fatherhood! Join Absolute Radio's Dave Berry as he chats to a different guest each episode to talk about all things involved in being a dad, sharing their experiences of fatherhood (or motherhood in some guests' cases), their relationship with their own fathers, as well gathering some advice (or 'Dad-vice') along the way.