Deadly Misadventures

A Chilling Expedition

av Deadly Misadventures | Publicerades 1/14/2020

For many explorers, it was a race to see which expedition would be the first to chart and reach the Earth’s Magnetic South Pole. A conquest finally accomplished by the Nimrod Expedition in 1909. A member of that team, 26-year-old Sir Douglas Mawson also held that honor and place in history. A few short years later Mawson would lead his own expedition team back to that icy coastline, hoping to conduct scientific research and chart new areas. Deadly Misadventures is ad-free and available exclusively on Wondery Plus. You can subscribe to Wondery+ at For $4.99/month you get exclusive access to our show plus tons of other Wondery Originals and bonus content. Writing and Research: Stephanie Moore SOURCES: Alone on the Ice Flaws in the Ice In Search of the South Pole - Huw Lewis-Jones

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It’s been said our lives are no more than a string of decisions. Thousands of choices made every single day. Most seemingly inconsequential. While others harness the potential to lead us to dark and unforgiving places. Do our choices control our destiny? Or are we all like the gambler who repeatedly rolls the dice, hoping each time for a smile from Lady Luck?