Deadly Misadventures

The Trashman

av Deadly Misadventures | Publicerades 1/14/2020

Deborah Scaling Kiley sat in a rubber dingy in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, reciting the Lord’s Prayer in a desperate attempt to convince herself she hadn’t gone mad. The water surrounding the boat had turned a sickly shade of red, as the blood of her devoured crew mate rose to the surface. Deadly Misadventures is ad-free and available exclusively on Wondery Plus. You can subscribe to Wondery+ at For $4.99/month you get exclusive access to our show plus tons of other Wondery Originals and bonus content. Writing and Research: Joe Turner SOURCES: Albatross by Deborah Scaling Kiley & Meg Noonan (Book) Shipwreck by Tim O’ Shei (Book) (Podcast)

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It’s been said our lives are no more than a string of decisions. Thousands of choices made every single day. Most seemingly inconsequential. While others harness the potential to lead us to dark and unforgiving places. Do our choices control our destiny? Or are we all like the gambler who repeatedly rolls the dice, hoping each time for a smile from Lady Luck?