Dear Artists

Season 2 Episode 7 A'driane Nieves

av Dear Artists | Publicerades 4/17/2020

A'driane Nieves (Addye) is an artist, activist, writer and speaker. She is also a founder of Tessera Art Collective, which serves women artists of color in the greater Philadelphia area and beyond.  This is an excerpt from her website. “As an artist, my mission is to disrupt your definition of normal. Recognize the richness of the colors around you. Create art that not just evokes emotion, but sparks dialogue and self-reflection. My art is a means of protest, but it's also survival and expression, exploration and discovery. This episode is sponsored by our very own Dear Artists Circle. Our support circle is open and available for artists who are seeking deeper connection and support. You can find out more information about the circle here.    

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