Dear Young Rocker


av Dear Young Rocker | Publicerades 1/22/2020

In this installment of the story young Chelsea goes to her first big show (Green Day), attends a band practice for the first time, although not in the way she anticipated, and searches the internet for people who feel like she does about music.

Om Podcasten

This is a story for the weirdos, the loners, the ugly ducklings. Dear Young Rocker is a raw, music-oriented, audio memoir. In this scripted, narrative podcast, listeners both laugh and empathize as our protagonist Chelsea struggles to feel cool enough to exist and finds a home in music. It's also a series of letters of from older Chelsea to her younger self, reminding us all that as alone as we may have felt at that age, there's so many others out there who've felt just like us. Created, written, narrated, and produced by Chelsea Ursin. Executive produced by Jake Brennan (Disgraceland).