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Death, Sex & Money's Financial Therapy

av Death, Sex & Money | Publicerades 5/18/2020

Many of you are in financial transition right now. You've lost jobs, income, stable housing. And you're worried about what's to come.

For many of us, this time of uncertainty isn't just bringing up thoughts about financial survival. It's also making us question our values, our identities and our plans for the future. 

All of that can be difficult to process, especially as we're in isolation. So we're calling on an expert for help: financial therapist Amanda Clayman. For the next several weeks, Amanda's going to be talking with some of you about those issues that are surfacing around money in your lives—and helping you process them and figure out a path forward. 

Listen to the episodes below, starting May 18. 


Episode 1: Financial Therapy: Meet Amanda Clayman

Amanda Clayman is a licensed clinical social worker who decided to become a therapist after her own money issues started to cause disruption in her life. "I was just bringing a lot of emotional baggage, and family baggage to how I was relating to money," she told me. "What I have come to feel very deeply...is that...all financial behavior has meaning." Amanda and I talk about how she's approaching her clients' financial anxieties and issues during the pandemic, and why it's important to not just problem solve, but also examine the meaning of financial loss in your life.    

Find out more here.

  Episode 2: Coming on May 20! 


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