Deathnography Podcast #3 - The Gang Solves Racism, ft. Dr. Michael Rivera, Joshua Jiang, Helen Yang, Lars Chen, and Shay-Akil McLean

"Race is a social construct" ok but what does that mean exactly? What is race? Why was it invented? How? And what the hell are we supposed to do with this information? Dr. Michael Rivera, a biological anthropologist who authored a forthcoming textbook chapter about race, explains why race is not biologically valid. Joshua Jiang, Helen Yang, and Lars Chen discuss their experiences in Asian-American and "mixed race" campus activism and critique liberal approaches to anti-racism. Biologist Shay-Akil McLean, who recently authored a journal article “Social Problems, Structural Issues, and Unsettling Science“ in American Anthropologist, pushes us to identify the specific social sites where race is constructed. Thank you to everyone who was a test-listener for this episode - the real MVPs. Shay-Akil McLean is @hood_biologist on Twitter Dr. Michael Rivera is @riveramichael on Twitter Check out The Arch and Anth Podcast !!! That's Michael's new show - interviews with biological and cultural anthropologists, archaeologists, and everyone in between. if you want to support the show    

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