Decolonize Social Work

4: White Supremacy at Work

av Decolonize Social Work | Publicerades 2/11/2019

Does your organization only value what's in writing? Do you or your coworkers have a habit of venting about each other or clients in the office? Do you have a coworker who doesn't know how to delegate? If you answered yes to any of those, then... hate to break it to you, but those acts/behaviors may be white supremacy culture happening right where you work. These characteristics, or norms, show up in every workplace; hospitals, medical clinics, nonprofit organizations, social service agencies, etc, and they merit evaluation as to where they came from. Our society, unfortunately, is so steeped in a culture of white supremacy, that sometimes we aren’t even aware that the things we do at work, really everyday things, are reinforcing that culture. In this episode, Ondine and Drew will discuss how these common occurrences that we all take for granted actually stem from tenets of white supremacy culture and the responsibility that social workers have to recognize and resist them.

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