Dedicated to the Craft

Dedicated to Quality

av Dedicated to the Craft | Publicerades 4/6/2020

This week is all about being “Dedicated to the Quality”… Jeff Lozano virtually chats with Ballast Point Vice President of Quality, Lauren Zeidler, about the importance of quality, consistency, and the strides BP has made over the years to ensure both. They then talk to Field Quality Manager, Matt Laibson, who is responsible for making sure the Ballast Point quality standards are preserved long after the beer leaves our brewery. His days consist of visiting bars and tasting beers for quality control… a vital and, frankly, dream job in our book. Later, Ballast Point Sous Chef, Chuy Hernandez, makes his return to the show with a new beer and food pairing recipe to try at home.

11:17 The journey of a beer and the work of ensuring quality
22:56 Ballast Point Sous Chef, Chuy Hernandez with a new beer and food pairing recipe to try at home.

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