Dedicated to the Craft

Dedicated to the Craft Ep 1

av Dedicated to the Craft | Publicerades 3/26/2020

Ballast Point Specialty Brewer, Jeff Lozano, introduces the podcast and touches on bringing people together over a few beers, in a time where “together” isn’t really an option. He then chats with Home Brewer Jason Carlson about all things homebrewing, hop farms, driving Bono around OB, and more. Later, Jeff and Jason are joined by Chuy Hernandez, Ballast Point Sous Chef, to discuss how beer and food complement each other and a recipe for Sculpin Mac n’ Cheese.

Time stamps:

:00 Meet Jeff Lozano, our host and specialty brewer for Ballast Point. Jeff intros the show and introduces us to his first co-host
15:20 Breaking down the Bring It back Bracket and some of the beers involved
22:43 Meet Jason Carlson from Home Brew Mart, his journey from home brew student to teacher and all of the randomness in between
37:35 Intro to home brewing
41:23 Chuy Hernandez, a Ballast Point Sous Chef shares a beer pairing recipe Sculpin Mac n’ Cheese that you can do at home

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Presented by Ballast Point, Dedicated to the Craft is is a celebration of loving what you do every day. We love brewing, and we love talking to others who love what they do, too. In this space, we will talk to other breweries, home brewers, and non-brewers alike. Join us weekly as we share brewing tips, stories, and lots of laughs – all over a few of our favorite beers.