Dedicated to the Craft

The High Dive Connection

av Dedicated to the Craft | Publicerades 5/2/2020

Jeff sits down with Distribution Manager, Jeanne Pacheco, and one of the OG BP employees, Ryan Glenn. They talk Ballast Point circa 1997, Yellowtail, Sculpin becoming “the” IPA, and the wild ride over the years. Jeanne and Ryan explain the moving parts and nimble attitude necessary to get beer from a brewery into consumers’ fridges, and RG talks about his eventual decision to purchase and run his favorite dive bar, The High Dive. The team recommends beer pairings for The High Dive’s infamous burgers, and they talk about staying connected during this time.

1:55 Learn about Jeanne Pacheco and her path through craft beer
5:00 Ryan Glenn from the High Dive joins the show
21:00 Ryan explains how he ended up buying the High Dive after working at Ballast Point for many years
40:30 Jeff names a few High Dive burgers for Jeanne and Ryan to pair with their favorite beer

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