A Deep Dive into the Dark Web: Interview with Eileen Ormsby

Get ready for an exhilarating journey into the shadowy corners of the internet with our special guest, Eileen Ormsby. A seasoned expert in the field, Eileen captivates with her tales of a decade-long exploration into the dark web. From her fearless investigations into the notorious Silk Road drug marketplace to the fascinating evolution of dark web content, her insights offer a deeply compelling narrative about the hidden world that exists beneath the surface of our everyday internet. We navigate through some incredibly complex issues, delving into the violent pornography industry and the prevalence of scams on the dark web. The conversation takes an even darker turn as we shine a light on the grim realities of human trafficking in this clandestine digital space. Eileen offers a wealth of knowledge on these matters, detailing the organization of dark web content and the challenges faced by law enforcement in their attempts to tackle online crime. However, she also shares her personal experiences, revealing how the grim aspects of her research eventually led her to step back from investigating these areas. We conclude our exploration by scrutinizing the disturbing phenomenon of death fetishes on the dark web, discussing the motivations behind it and its impacts on its participants. Eileen underscores the importance of understanding these topics and the significance of online safety. --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/deepdarksecretspodcast/support

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