From Glitz to Gore: The Sinister Side of Hollywood Exposed

Uncover the chilling hidden tales of Hollywood's glitz and glamour, as we shed light on a horrifying story of deceit, betrayal, and death. Follow the terrifying trail that begins at a warehouse party in Los Angeles, where two young women, Kristi Giles and Hilda Marcella Cabrales, meet the dangerous self-proclaimed Hollywood producer David Pierce. We explore the chilling sequence of events that unfold, leading to the mysterious disappearance and untimely demise of these vibrant women. We dissect the harrowing allegations of sexual assault and suspicious deaths surrounding this case. Delving into the murky circumstances surrounding their deaths, we scrutinize the possible involvement of David Pierce, Brent Osburn, and Michael Ansbach. As we peel back the grim layers of this story, we expose the unsettling realities lurking behind Hollywood's shiny facade, giving you a glimpse into the sinister undercurrent of the showbiz world. As our discussion progresses, we emphasize the crucial need for reporting such heinous crimes and the vital role of victim advocacy. Listen closely as we delve into the charges against David Pierce and his potential defense strategy, and explore the pressing need to end the sale of horrifying death fetish videos. Join us as we navigate through this disturbing tale, reminding us all that not everything that glitters in Hollywood is gold. A must-listen episode that is sure to shock, appall and educate. --- Support this podcast:

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