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Deep in the Plus – TRON: Legacy

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Join Rob and Jill this week as Deep in the Plus dives into the 2010 sci-fi adventure TRON: Legacy. It's a sequel (or arguably a reboot) of the 1982 cult-classic TRON. Neither movie overwhelmed at the box office, but the TRON franchise remains popular among Disney and sci-fi fans to this day. Disney even built a ride based on the IP in Shanghai Disneyland. The attraction was such a success that a version of the ride is currently under construction in the Magic Kingdom, set to open in 2021. The film takes place 28 years after the original, in which hero Kevin Flynn journeys into a virtual world. Legacy centers around Flynn's son Sam, who goes in search of his father; Kevin went missing 8 years after the events of the first film. The movie is visually stunning and tells the next chapter of the TRON story. For fans of the franchise, it offers many callbacks to the original, and serves up plenty of the iconic identity disks and light cycles. But is it worth watching with so many choices on Disney+? Rob and Jill don't see eye to eye on this one. Is TRON: Legacy a must-watch for Disney fans, or is the IP better than the films on which it's based? Plus, get bonus recommendations as Rob and Jill present their "Deep Pick of the Week." Hint: If you like this week's movie pick, it's a good bet you'll like Rob's pick too. You can also go back and check out our previous episodes reviewing the back catalog of Disney content on the Disney+ streaming network: Newsies The Hunchback of Notre Dame Get notified of new Deep in the Plus episodes each week by subscribing at You can also follow Deep in the Plus on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to share your thoughts on each week's picks.

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