Ep. 270: Depth vs. Distraction

An increasing number of people are suffering from “super distractions” that rise above the level of harmless diversion and instead start to actively hold them back in their life. Some of the common culprits cited include social media, online pornography, and alcohol. In this episode, Cal takes a closer look at what creates super distractions and uses this insight to come up with an effective game plan for fighting back.  Below are the questions covered in today's episode (with their timestamps). Get your questions answered by Cal! Here’s the link: bit.ly/3U3sTvo  Video from today’s episode:  youtube.com/calnewportmedia  Deep Dive:  Taking control of your life from super distractions [8:09]  - How can I stay productive while in between goals? [36:24] - Will I become depressed from a dopamine fast? [40:46] - How can I overcome negative thoughts? [44:01] - Are there rituals to help me handle shallow work more efficiently? [50:19]  CASE STUDY: Success with an electronic detox [58:27]  Cal Reacts: NPR left Twitter and the effects are negligible [1:06:59]  Links:  niemanreports.org/articles/npr-twitter-musk/  Thanks to our Sponsors:  mintmobile.com/deep cozyearth.com blinkist.com/deep ladderlife.com/deep  Thanks to Jesse Miller for production, Jay Kerstens for the intro music, and Mark Miles for mastering.

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Cal Newport is a computer science professor and a New York Times bestselling author who writes about the impact of technology on society, and the struggle to work and live deeply in a world increasingly mired in digital distractions. On this podcast, he answers questions from his readers and offers advice about cultivating focus, productivity, and meaning amidst the noise that pervades our lives.