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#71 - In the Ring with Arthif ‘Dr Hitman’ Daniel

av Dental Leaders Podcast | Publicerades 2/24/2021

Arthif Daniel spends his nine-to-five looking after teeth and his weekends knocking ‘em out. Arthief’s double life as a well-regarded super-welterweight boxer and dentist has earned him the nickname Dr Hitman. He chats to Prav and Payman about success in the ring and in practice - highlighting some of the surprising parallels between the gentleman’s sport and dentistry. Arthif lets us in on his highs and lows and talks about the mental preparation and mindset it takes to live life in the ring.  “Fighters are like sharks. We smell fear. So, just like sharks, when they smell blood in the ocean, they're on you. It's the same thing. You show a glitch. It's in your eyes. It's in the body language. It's anything of that sort. And we will feed on it.” Arthif ‘Dr Hitman’ Daniel  In This Episode 00.40 - The boxing dentist08.59 - Training regime15.31 - Psychology26.27 - Physical chess31.28 - Nutrition37.44 - Prime time43.04 - Parallels49.29 - Being competitive51.24 - Faith and mindset56.33 - Highs and lows59.22 - Hanging with heroes01.07.04 - Travel01.09.45 - Last day and legacy About Arthif Daniel Dr Arthif Daniel graduated from King’s College London in 2008 and went on to practice in Birmingham and Manchester. He spent time as a senior house officer in restorative and oral surgery at Guys and St Thomas and has taught primary dental care at King’s College. Arthif is also a professional welterweight boxer whose dental background has earned him the nickname Dr Hitmann.

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