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#85 - Earning and Learning with Reena Wadia

av Dental Leaders Podcast | Publicerades 6/2/2021

This week’s show features Harley Street Periodontist, teacher and entrepreneur Dr Reena Wadia.   Reena chats about London life and her journey to running her own business on Harley Street as well as sharing an invaluable insight into reaching for the stars.   Hear Reena cover life as a specialist periodontist, managing social media, building your own business and a successful personal brand.   Enjoy!   “If you don't enjoy something, there's no point doing it, like find something you enjoy and make that your career and make that your life” Reena Wadia   In This Episode   02.00 - London living 04:05 - Last years of uni 05.08 - Giving 100% 06.36 - Specialising in perio 12:28 - Dedication to study 17:00 - The most junior periodontist in the country 18:16 - Building a network 22:35 - Cosmetic perio 27:49 - Going into business 31:44 - Team values 38:15 - Finding balance 44:07 - Direct patient marketing 45:50 - Teaching 53:04 - Perio and the industry 01:00:06 - Genetics 01:02:43 - Owning a product 01:04:28 - Social media influence 01:09:23 - Paid media 01:11:42 - Being vegetarian 01:13:42 - Legacy & last days on Earth   About Reena Wadia After being a high achiever during her studies at Barts, she undertook a four-year specialist course at King’s College which she passed with distinction.   She also spent time as Senior House Officer at Guy’s Hospital and split her time between restorative and oral surgery. Now working as an associate specialist at King’s College Dental Hospital, Reena is also based at RW Perio on Harley Street where her practice is limited to periodontal care.

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