Steven Steiner on designer archetypes, career coaching, and communicating your value

What is your designer archetype? Are you a generalist, strategist, researcher, architect, artist, author, or design operations person? How does knowing your archetype help you progress in your career? We discuss these archetypes and more in this episode of the AIGA Design Podcast with our guest Steven Steiner. Steven Steiner is a Career Coach for Designers who helps them get what they want next with the right levels of industry knowledge, rigor, and moral support. Steven’s career achievements include 15+ years as an award-winning designer, manager, and educator. He’s held roles in-house, start-up, and agency teams for international and regional brands where he delivered results for TV, kiosk, responsive web, and mobile experiences. Now, he wants to help YOU reach YOUR career goals. Visit to learn more about how Steven can help you right now and join the Career Community for Designers that he hosts on Slack.  Connect with Steven on LinkedIn: --- Send in a voice message:

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