Gen Z is coming to the Design Industry

Get ready to hear from the freshest voices in the design industry! In a new four-episode miniseries, we’re putting the “anonymous” back in Design Nerds Anonymous, gathering unfiltered insights directly from the next generation of designers. These talented designers share their perspective on the industry, their career paths, and what they're looking for from the design ecosystem. These fascinating interviews took place at Interior Design’s “30 under 30” networking events in 2022, as part of a “design confessional” hosted by ThinkLab, the architecture and design industry’s premiere market research firm.    Join us as we continue to unpack the feedback from these talented young designers and explore what it means for the future of the design industry. Whether you're a firm looking to recruit and retain talent or a product manufacturer trying to connect with this powerful new generation of designers, there's something in this design podcast mini-season for you.     Key Takeaways  Hear from up-and-coming Gen Z designers on what they love – and what they don’t  Discover actionable advice on work shifts in the post-pandemic world  Gain valuable insights on how to engaged with Gen Z designers   Recognize the importance of connecting with the next generation of designers for firms and product manufacturers – and what they want the most from each    Tune in to our trailer for more, and subscribe so you don’t miss our upcoming episodes.    Design Nerds Anonymous is a proud member of the SURROUND Podcast Network. Discover more shows from SURROUND at This episode of Design Nerds Anonymous was produced and edited by SANDOW Design Group, with music from Blue Dot Sessions. Special thanks to the podcast production team: Hannah Viti, Wize Grazette, and Samantha Sager.

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Welcome to Design Nerds Anonymous, the interiors industry-focused podcast that sparks curiosity at the intersection of business and design, from ThinkLab and SANDOW.