Introducing Barriers to Entry, a Web3 Podcast for A&D

We're so excited to introduce you to a new podcast from the SURROUND podcast network called Barriers to Entry. The show will feature the leaders, the designers, the early adopters, and the influencers who are helping to shape what web3 will mean for the architecture and design industry. Along the way, Barriers to Entry will cut through the hype cycle and attempt to demystify all things Web3, while laying out the real-life implications and applications for our world. Hosted by SANDOW DESIGN GROUP’s Bobby Bonett, and Digby co-founders Andrew Lane and Tessa Bain. Barriers to Entry is a member of the SURROUND podcast network. Check out other architecture and design shows at

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Welcome to Design Nerds Anonymous, the interiors industry-focused podcast that sparks curiosity at the intersection of business and design, from ThinkLab and SANDOW.