#46 | Kevin Bethune | Driving business innovation and impact

Happy to share that episode 46 is out! This time we had the great opportunity to speak to Kevin Bethune - Founder & Chief Creative Officer at dreams • design + life Chair of the Design Management Institute Board of Directors, and Author at the The MIT Press - as he is writing a book on the intersection of design and business. Kevin started as a designer at Nike and later on worked as a VP of Strategic Design at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Digital Ventures. Further Kevin gave a TEDx talk on the “4 superpowers of design” which we can highly recommend. With Kevin, we chat on the intersection of business and design. How can design drive business impact? Why designers should think beyond human-centered design? Why "business language and communications" skills are key to build strong partnerships to push an idea forward? Why designers should think more about ethics, sustainability, diversity and inclusion? And how to approach it? Kevin explains and gives insights into how designers can shape businesses - especially in uncertain times like these. Thanks a ton for the time Kevin - it was great learning from you! Enjoy the episode! And happy eastern!

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