#51 | Afshin Mehin | Driving brain-machine interfaces

In EP51 we interviewed Afshin Mehin who is the founder of Card79 about brain-machine interfaces and the future of multi-modal interaction design. He and his team recently had the chance to work on the Neuralink robot and beyond that experimented in many internal projects on the future of thought-based interfaces. During the episode we jump into: how to BCI (brain-machine-interfaces) work what value do these interfaces provide how do interactions with such interfaces work and why multi-modality is key the evolution and future of interaction design how to navigate the value of design in the fields of advanced technologies, science, and research challenges when designing though-based interfaces Thanks a lot for your time and learning Afshin! About Afshin Mehin: Afshin Mehin is the founder of Card79, a creative studio based in San Francisco and Vancouver specializing in giving form to the future. Consistently blurring the boundaries between our digital and physical lives, he’s worked for client’s ranging from small startups such as Neuralink and Noon Home to large Companies such as Amazon, Lululemon and Ford. Prior to setting up Card79, Afshin worked in San Francisco and London for design studios such as Whipsaw, IDEO, BarberOsgerby, and Terence Conran.

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