#61 | Josh Clark | Driving digital AI product experiences.

“It doesn’t necessarily take advanced technology to have a great impactful project. I think sometimes as technologists we forget that” — JOSH CLARK We are thrilled to launch our EP61 featuring Josh Clark founder of Big Medium in New York. Josh is a vivid speaker, a brilliant author, and an expert on UX design for AI. With Josh, we jump into how AI could influence creative decision-making and how it’s already influencing our day-to-day activities and decision-making. We also discuss what’s his perspective on why AI as a complementary aspect to human decision making should give, signals, recommendations but also what level of confidence the AI actually has in the signal to make it transparent to humans. He also shares his experiences working with AI projects, making it a super inspiring conversation on the future of AI. During the episode we explore: The impact of technology on human decision-making One of the biggest challenges in designing AI experiences Why questions are more important than answers when designing for AI What are the challenges in “probabilistic design”? How much "AI/Data" do you need to prototype an experience? How can design foster development in AI? The Dark side of AI (Optimism and Practical Skeptmism) Thanks a lot for your time and for learning Josh! ——— The Guest Josh Clark is a UX design leader who helps organizations to build products for what's next. He is the founder of Big Medium, a New York based design studio specializing in future-friendly interfaces for artificial intelligence, connected devices, and responsive websites. His client's list includes Samsung, Time Inc, ExxonMobil, About.com, TechCrunch, Entertainment Weekly, eBay, O’Reilly Media, and many others. Josh has written several books, including "Designing for Touch" and "Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps." He is also an Editorial Board Member at Rosenfeld Media and an Advisory Board Member at Third Wave Fashion. In 1996, he created the popular “Couch-to-5K” (C25K) running schedule, which has helped millions of skeptical would-be exercisers take up jogging. (His motto is the same for fitness as it is for software user experience: no pain, no pain.) He speaks around the world about what’s next for digital interfaces.

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