Destination Stargazing by DjLuttz (Deep, Melodic, & Progressive House)

Episode 4: Arcturus Mix (Episode 4)

av Destination Stargazing by DjLuttz (Deep, Melodic, & Progressive House) | Publicerades 3/19/2021

Tracklist: 1.Alegant, Tube & Berger - Get Down (Original Mix) 2.Yotto, Cassian - Inter (Extended Mix) 3.Ali Bakgor - In A Dream (Extended Mix) 4.ARTBAT, Sailor & I - Best Of Me (Original Mix) 5.Faithless - I Need Someone (Yotto Mix) 6.Pretty Pink - Come Back (Original Mix) 7.Oliver Schories & Jan Blomqvist - Packard (Nora En Pure Mix) 8.Artaria & Jean Vayat Ft.Evelynka - Sun Is Setting (Original Mix) 9.Paul Oakenfold - Stonehenge (Club Mix) 10.Gorgon City & DRAMA - You've Done Enough (Extended Mix) 11.KC Lights - Girl (Extended Mix) 12.King Arthur, LoKii - Down With Me (Extended Mix) 13.CamelPhat & Will Easton - Witching Hour (Extended Mix) ---Reporter: You made a lot of money out of you're music? Bob: Money? I mean, how much is a lot of money to you? Reporter: That's a good question. Have you made, say millions of dollars? Bob: No. Reporter: Are you a rich man? Bob: What you mean rich, what ya mean? Reporter: Do you have a lot of possessions? Lot of money in the bank? Bob: Possession make you rich? I don't have that type of richness. My richness is life, forever. Bob Marley--- **If you’re enjoying the podcast. You can support it by sharing, rating or reviewing** **Link to podcast homepage: ** **Check out the Dance Classics podcast by Dj Luttz (Club & Trance Classics) **

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