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EP9 – How to hire a WordPress developer

av Dev Branch - Monthly WordPress Web Development Talk Show | Publicerades 2/7/2021

On this episode of Dev Branch we’re discussing how to hire a WordPress developer but really we’re focusing on how to be an awesome client. Panel Jason Tucker @jasontucker Steve Zehngut @zengy Jason Cosper @boogah Show Sponsors Desktop Server – ServerPress WPsitesync – The Events Calendar is the number one calendar and event ticket plugin on WordPress for a reason – it’s built by WordPress and events experts who know what it takes to succeed when events are part of your business. Whether it’s a weekly virtual class or a robust event ticketing solution- The Events Calendar has you covered. Use code WPwatercooler to save 20% on a new purchase today!​ Are You Looking For Brand Awareness? You could be a show sponsor. Let people know you’re still in business and supporting your products. Supporting podcasts is a great way to repurpose your in-person conference budget. We have been sponsored by big brands such as Kinsta and Cloudways. Why not get your audience in front of the thousands of people who download this show every month? Yes, Dev Branch has thousands of downloads every month. We’re not just a YouTube Show.

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WordPress from Install to launch. WPwatercooler's Dev Branch is a live video and audio roundtable discussion from WordPress Web Development professionals from around the industry who offer tips, best practices, and lively debate on how to put the content management system to use. DevBranch is part of the WPwatercooler Network - WPwatercooler, WPblab, The WordPress Marketing Show, Dev BranchHosted by WordPress developer Jason Tucker, the weekly panel includes the following WP experts as well as over 500 guests since 2012.Jason Tucker - podcast host, web developer, and IT DirectorSteve Zehngut - Zeek Interactive.Sé Reed - web developer, speaker, small business advocate and Internet geek.Russell Aaron - WordPress Backend DeveloperJason Cosper - Sr. Performance Engineer at Liquid WebFeedback for our shows can be provided here: Notes See for privacy and opt-out information.