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Metallica - Ride The Lightning

Ian and Toomey are fighting fire with fire and hopefully not fading to black this week.

The guys discuss the happenings in this country and find time to squeeze in some music talk. They go over the latest news and Metallica's Ride The Lightning. They also give their something old and something new.

Om Podcasten

When the devil enters a church, the entire world shakes. When two devils team up to take over the podcasting world, all that is holy and pure shutter in fear. Diabolus In Podcastica, the new podcast featuring Talk Toomey veteran Joshua Toomey and Rock and Metal Combat Podcast veteran Ian Wadley, releases their fiery, outlandish thoughts every Friday to showcase to the world what happens when you unleash two rebels with a cause onto an unsuspecting audience. Subscribe now and tread lightly, as the Diabolus In Podcastica team of Ian and Josh will be converting you to their unholy ways soon.