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In this bonus episode I have a couple of lovely announcements including the following...Introducing our sponsors Stage Dance Wear (Our Dance provider for - tights, ballet shoes, tap shoes, accessories & much more)Join their large social media following on Instagram & Facebook and see their amazing ambassador Team, including our gorgeous students Fin & Dance Wear (our bespoke uniform supplier)Check out their website Also if you’re a teacher and would like to know more about their bespoke uniform service just drop them an email at They are super helpful and friendly and would love to have a chat.  Equally if you’re a dancer and would love your school to have Squad Uniform, why don’t you suggest to your teacher that they contact SquadHappy 16th Birthday Fin, we love you!Thank you!

Om Podcasten

Hey I am Sarah, I run a dance school in warrington and I thought it would be the best time to really educate young dancers about the things I wish I would've been told, taught at school. The world is isolating and we are all staying home so now is the perfect time to listen and learn so much about the world, about ourselves and learn from the influential guests I had the pleasure of interviewing. I have interviewed huge names such as Krista Miller, Ricky Jinks, Lukas McFarlene, Sam Marks, Megan Bowers, Josh Wharmby and more. On the podcast I want to diversify and move away from societal norms and create a liberating, informative podcast. Topics include meditation, self care, sexuality, periods, veganism, sustainability, well being and how to take care of our minds at such a pivotal time. See for privacy and opt-out information.