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My exciting news - ISTD magazine Article & chats with Rosina Andrews!

This is a really special episode, as I am really excited to share some huge news this week with you all. The ISTD released their latest magazine issue which is seen by 6000 members.The ISTD have published an article about this podcast, the article is called 'From Pirouettes to Podcasts'  The magazine focuses on Inspiring teachers in the industry and I cannot believe I am one of them!  'The incredible contribution members have made to lockdown learning'I was honoured to be a part of the magazine and I would personally like to thank the wonderful Laura Milner. Laura reached out to me in the last lockdown about how she enjoyed  listening. I love making a difference and helping others and the fact that this has been recognised by my own governing body I am honestly elated!The ISTD are one of the biggest dance organisations in the world and I have been a member now for over ten years. I used to do ISTD exams as a child and I have carried that on and now my students take their ISTD examinations too. Their syllabus and genres are constantly evolving and it is not only brilliant for our students to take their exams as they count towards their UCAS points. It is also great for us teachers as we are constantly learning new sequences as the ISTD is ever evolving their genres and it is great to be a part of the ISTD community. Check out the ISTD website for more information - https://www.istd.orgClick the link below to see the article - also have a brilliant chat with Rosina Andrews, as Rosina was one of my first guests on the podcast back in April last year. Rosina is not only a fabulous dance teacher but an author, a dance educator and provides workshops for both students and teachers. Rosina is an inspirational voice to the dance industry and we talk about her brilliant quotes and her take on how to be authentic. How to be true to yourself on your own unique journey. Check out Rosina's website - lovely sponsors....Stage Dance Wear (Our Dance provider for - tights, ballet shoes, tap shoes, accessories & much more)Join their large social media following on Instagram & Facebook and see their amazing ambassador Team, including our gorgeous students Fin & Melissa. Dance Wear (our bespoke uniform supplier)Check out their website Also if you’re a teacher and would like to know more about their bespoke uniform service just drop them an email at They are super helpful and friendly and would love to have a chat.  Equally if you’re a dancer and would love your school to have Squad Uniform, why don’t you suggest to your teacher that they contact SquadEnjoy and please rate, share and subscribe! Sarah x

Om Podcasten

Hey I am Sarah, I run a dance school in warrington and I thought it would be the best time to really educate young dancers about the things I wish I would've been told, taught at school. The world is isolating and we are all staying home so now is the perfect time to listen and learn so much about the world, about ourselves and learn from the influential guests I had the pleasure of interviewing. I have interviewed huge names such as Krista Miller, Ricky Jinks, Lukas McFarlene, Sam Marks, Megan Bowers, Josh Wharmby and more. On the podcast I want to diversify and move away from societal norms and create a liberating, informative podcast. Topics include meditation, self care, sexuality, periods, veganism, sustainability, well being and how to take care of our minds at such a pivotal time. See for privacy and opt-out information.