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Tyrannical Popes: Julius II Pt. 1

Later nicknamed ‘The Warrior Pope,’ Giuliano della Rovere had always nurtured visions of personal glory. As a young man and newly elected cardinal, he believed he could obtain that glory on the battlefield. But he was constantly embroiled in feuds off the battlefield, too — rivalries with family members, former allies, and power-grabbing popes.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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They are natural-born-leaders with a never-ending thirst for power. Through force and deceit, they rise through the ranks towards radicalism—eliminating anyone who stands in their way. Every Tuesday, delve into the minds, and motives, behind some of the world’s most infamous leaders in Parcast’s original series, DICTATORS. Each dictator is analyzed in 2-part episodes...with the first giving insight into their rise to power, and the second chronicling the impact of their downfall. Dictators is a Spotify Original from Parcast.