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159 Recognize what’s really going on when Blame is an issue

“Blame is a clever trickster. At its root, blame is a form of fear that helps us avoid accountability for our lives.”  -- Debbie Ford Can’t help but wonder why someone refuses to accept doing something wrong, even something small?  When blaming a person or system, your assigning responsibility for a fault or a wrong. However, feelings of fear or embarrassment can cause someone to go on the defensive and try to blameshift. It takes personal growth and development to determine why people act and react the way they do. It takes some guessing and is not always black and white.  Difficult Situations can arise with different people in different situations and it can be hard to figure out what scenario you are in and what approach you should take. The Squad is there to help you navigate these situations. The Squad Membership works off the four empowered pillars of recognize, reclaim, restore, and refresh. We act and react in a way for a reason, that is why it is so important to understand why someone is going on the defensive and blame-shifting. What you’ll hear on today’s episode: The Empowered Pillar Model What blame is Recognizing blame Types of blame When blame is used Fear, shame, and embarrassment  Being shamed Black and white thinking Join the Difficult Happens Facebook group  “Community Happens Group” Work with Lara: Apply for an On-air Coaching Call! Complimentary Breakthrough Consultation Got a Question? Comment? Email Corporate Training Difficult Happens by Lara Currie    Resources: Series on Manipulation Series on Assessments Series on Conflict Personality-Types   Difficult Happens Squad   © Lara Currie 2021 Show Intro music by Scott Holmes Music Listen for free on the go with any one of these players for both Android & iPhone

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Lara Currie is on a mission to transform the way we communicate with one another. The workplace doesn't have to be the source of conflict and discord. She'll teach you how to have open and honest communication with people, how to navigate conflict, and how to deal with the difficult "stuff" we all encounter in this ever increasingly defensive world. Difficult can happen anywhere, so Lara is here to make sure you know exactly how to create positive communication, decrease defensiveness, and navigate the difficult that we all have to deal with in life, at home, and in the work environment so that you, your business, and your team, can save time, money and energy.