160 Reclaim Your Power; Breaking-Up Is Hard

“Our authentic power is found in our truth. This is the place that shows us how to give what is so very good about ourselves.” -- Jeanne McElvaney   Now that you can recognize dysfunctional situations and manipulation tactics, What do you do? Well, now you work on reclaiming your power! Out of each of the Four Pillars of Empowerment, reclaiming is probably the most difficult one for people to do. Reclaiming your power, your internal self, space, and your own narrative takes time, and (that often overused word) Intention. Reclaiming comes from practice and learning what works for you!   What you’ll hear on today’s episode: The Four Pillars of Empowerment What reclaiming your power means. Story: Sally and Juliette Conflict Personality Types "Shiney" talk. Women Helping Women Fund Tri-Cities.   Join the Difficult Happens Facebook group  “Community Happens Group”   Work with Lara: Apply for an On-air Coaching Call! Complimentary Breakthrough Consultation   Got a Question? Comment? Email Lara@difficulthappens.com Corporate Training Difficult Happens by Lara Currie                                                                     Difficulthappens.com/workwithme/   Podcast 159 - Recognize what’s really going on when Blame is an issue: https://difficulthappens.com/159/   Resources: Series on Manipulation Series on Assessments Series on Conflict Personality-Types   Difficult Happens Squad https://difficulthappens.com/squad-membership/   Women Helping Women Fund Tri-Cities: http://www.whwftc.org   © Lara Currie 2021 Show Intro music by Scott Holmes Music Listen for free on the go with any one of these players for both Android & iPhone

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