164 Drama in the workplace with Patti Perez part 1

“Most misunderstandings in the world could be avoided if people would simply take the time to ask, "What else could this mean?” -- Shannon L. Alder   Summary: Drama in the workplace is inevitable. Sometimes situations don't seem fair. How many times have you seen or know of someone who received a promotion or a raise at work and can't help but wonder why? What about being rejected for a position because you didn't fit their "workplace culture"? Patti Perez from Persuasion Point Inc and the Drama Free Workplace Podcast joins us for this first, two-part podcast discussing her experience with workplace drama. Patti has conducted over 1200 workplace investigations over the last 20 years, giving us insight into workplace drama, patterns and themes, and workplace culture.   What you’ll hear on today’s episode: Patti Perez Dismissal and justification of workplace drama Women in the workplace Personality Types Culture and its different meanings Culture Fit Fairness The meaning of words and what's behind them   Join the Difficult Happens Facebook group  “Community Happens Group” Work with Lara: Apply for an On-air Coaching Call! Complimentary Breakthrough Consultation Got a Question? Comment? Email Lara@difficulthappens.com Corporate Training Difficult Happens by Lara Currie                                                                     Difficulthappens.com/workwithme/   Resources: Series on Manipulation Series on Assessments Series on Conflict Personality-Types   Difficult Happens Squad: https://difficulthappens.com/squad-membership/ Patti Perez - Drama Free Workplace Podcast: https://persuasionpoint.com/podcast/           © Lara Currie 2021 Show Intro music by Scott Holmes Music Listen for free on the go with any one of these players for both Android & iPhone

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