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167 Self-care as a form of bullying? with Stacy Fisher

“I do not think that word means what you think it means” -- The princess bride.


The term “self care” has joined the ranks of other terms that have been watered down, co-opted, or re-defined to the point that it means nothing.

I have noticed a concerning trend with self care, it has been used to manipulate, bully, and has been productized and sold. So I asked my friend and selfcare & resilience coach Stacy Fisher to join me and talk about the topic, and how you can find what works best for you. (without making a purchase!)

Remember, feelings are meant to be felt, not used against you to make you feal.


What you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • What is self care
  • Patterns and Habits
  • The self-care paradox
  • How to spot manipulation
  • The 8 dimensions of self care framework
  • How to identify rhythms
  • Daily rituals
  • How MLM’s use personal development to manipulate
  • Accepting what is
  • Finding your own routine

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Lara Currie is on a mission to transform the way we communicate with one another. The workplace doesn't have to be the source of conflict and discord. She'll teach you how to have open and honest communication with people, how to navigate conflict, and how to deal with the difficult "stuff" we all encounter in this ever increasingly defensive world. Difficult can happen anywhere, so Lara is here to make sure you know exactly how to create positive communication, decrease defensiveness, and navigate the difficult that we all have to deal with in life, at home, and in the work environment so that you, your business, and your team, can save time, money and energy.