Digging Deeper Ep. 10: Misguided or Misconduct? Understanding Bad Behavior in the Corporate World

Why do good people do bad things? Why would someone put an otherwise stellar reputation on the line for a few moments of gain? Bob Brenner (https://www.k2integrity.com/en/people/professionals/Brenner-Robert) dives in to decode this behavior with Richard Girgenti (https://www.k2integrity.com/en/people/professionals/Girgenti-Richard), a leading authority on ethics and risk and a trusted advisor to governments and businesses.Despite our best efforts, organizational misconduct and fraud continue to be daunting societal problems. What more can be done? What is missing from current efforts to curb misconduct? Rich and Bob analyze several examples to understand the root cause of malfeasance, drilling into blind spots as well as discussing how individuals build their rationale behind the “F word”—fraud—and other patterns of misconduct. So, what is Rich’s overarching theory on why good people do bad things? And what can organizations do to mitigate this behavior? Tune in to this episode of Digging Deeper to find out.

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